What to expect

Walking into a new church can be a bit daunting, especially if you're not used to it.

Even if you go to church regularly, different churches do some things differently so it's good to know what to expect!

Morning service

Whether you are old or young; have been to church all your life or never before; whether you would say you were a Christian, have no faith at all, or are just searching; you are very welcome to join us on a Sunday morning. We aim to have a friendly and welcoming atmosphere for everyone who comes. As you arrive and take your seat there will be notices showing on the screen so that everyone knows what's going on that week and what's coming up.

We start at 10:30am and central to every service is singing, prayer, bible reading and someone will seek to explain the part of the bible that has been read. A member of the church will always lead the service and you will never be asked to do anything you are not comfortable with. The formal part of the service is normally finished by midday but most people stay around and chat over tea & coffee. If you are visiting, do come and make yourself known to us, we'd love to get to know you.

Finding us

On Sunday mornings we meet at Clifton Community Centre, Whiston Crescent, SG17 5HJ.

There is ample parking in the large car park within the Community Centre gates.

What do I wear?

There is no dress code, please come in whatever you are comfortable wearing.

What about my children?

If you have children please bring them along with you. We know they fidget and make noises at inappropriate times, but don't worry we're quite used to it. If you feel uncomfortable and want to take them out for a bit we provide a supervised creche for the very little ones (up to age 3). During the service, usually early on, there will be a part for the children. Someone from the church will often sing a song with them and teach them a truth from the bible. At around 11am all the children will be invited to attend various Sunday School classes. These cater for children from 3 up to around age 13 and will include age appropriate teaching and activities.  However, if you would prefer they stay in the service with you that's absolutely fine.

Evening service

In the evening, we meet at the church building at 6:00pm. Like the morning, we seek to worship God by singing, praying, reading the bible and listening to Christ-centred preaching. During this service, we aim to grow in our faith and learn to live more like Jesus.

On the third Sunday of each month we celebrate the Lord's Supper as part of our evening service. We encourage all who believe in the Lord Jesus Christ and are trusting Him as their Saviour to take part.