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Getting involved

"Only fear the Lord, and serve Him in truth with all your heart; for consider what great things He has done for you."


Trusting Christ as Saviour means becoming part of His family - the global church. The Bible encourages those who have become Christians to be involved and serving as part of a local church family.

As a local church we encourage all members and attendees who trust the Lord Jesus Christ as Saviour to play an active role in the life of the church and be fully involved with church activities both on Sunday and throughout the week. We each have different gifts and passions and encourage individuals to nurture and grow these as they serve. 


We may be a small but growing church, but that just means the opportunities for service are greater.

Further afield

Life as a Christian means more than just turning up on Sunday mornings. The Bible makes it clear that if we are one of Christ's family our whole life should reflect this fact. We are not made perfect overnight, but we grow to be more like Him day by day. A key part of this growth as a Christian comes from sharing the good news of Jesus, both in our local church and further afield. We encourage all church members to be involved in other Gospel works and outreach and below are some of the organisations we support both as a church and as individuals :

United Beach Missions - (&CA)

Young Life - (&YLH)

Open Air Mission - 

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